Live betting - techniques, strategies and principles for winning

Live betting - techniques, strategies and principles for winning

Live betting can be a source of pretty good profits from sports betting. However, accurate live betting strategies will also have to be used to this end, since many people are betting solely on their luck. Here are some quick tips to keep in mind with your bets in real time:

  • Always take the time to do a quick survey of the bet you plan to place before actually betting your money.
  • Do not bet blindly on events for which you have no information and do not keep track of what is happening to them.
  • Look for high odds among available betting markets and if you have to wait for a bet to rise before betting.
  • However, never wait too long, as this can play a bad joke and lose your chance of winning.
  • Believe in your sense of choice, but do not exceed the amount you place on such a prediction.

Using these techniques in live betting, you will have a pretty good chance of achieving long-term success. Remember that live bets are different than regular sports events that have not started. With real-time forecasts, you need to be focused and fast at picking a bet, because things happen there instantly and changes happen in no time.

Many of you may be wondering what strategies to use with live betting. This is a pretty broad topic that you need to take time to try different ways to succeed and find out which one works for you. On our site you can read different strategies such as the first half betting odds in football matches, which is also suitable for real-time betting. In addition, here are some basic strategies and principles that will work for you at live betting:

  • Match Bets

    This is a pretty good option that you can use with your live football or ice hockey bets. The important thing is to keep track of the progress of the match and whether it is an open and attacking game. If so, you can bet on goals in the match, and you can select a goal market by halftime or for a total number of goals in the match. It is a good option to find an event that does not hit, but gets an attack clash. Then the chances of a goal being scored are quite high, and with that you can win your live bet.

  • Betting on the status of the participants

    This live betting strategy is suitable for all sports, but we recommend it for example in boxing live betting or live tennis betting where the battle is fought directly between two players. The goal is to watch the event and evaluate how the participants present themselves at the moment. If you feel that there is a chance of a reversal in the result after a slight injury to one participant or a psychological fall, you may take advantage of this and try a bet in favor of the other participant. Often times this betting scheme works and can bring you good profits.

  • Use the Cash-out option

    Most of you may have heard about the cash out feature that online bookmakers offer. If you are not, you may want to familiarize yourself with the cash out option of Palms bet, which we have described in detail on our site. It works the same way it works on the platforms of other operators. This feature is designed to be used exactly when you bet live. Quite a few strategies are based on it, because it enables you to secure your profit before the end of the event. For example, if you bet on a favorite in the match to win the match, if you take the result on his or her hand, you can close your bet and thus earn a certain profit. In this case you will not be interested in the final outcome of the meeting.

  • Live Streaming Betting

    Almost all online bookmakers provide live event tracking with animated graphics. They are a great option for live betting, but an even better option is when the bookmaker offers a live picture of the event. So you can get to know first-hand how the meeting unfolds and analyze the participants. Based on this analysis, you will also choose the estimates you want to put.